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Russia has such a vast territory that it is has 11 time zones! When people wake up in Kamchatka, Moskovites are already going to bed in Moscow… There are a lot of climatic zones, a lot of different cultural traditions, a lot of nationalities – how shall I choose a place to study in Russia to feel comfortable?

green-tick-1 Choose a university first of all
Do not forget that you are going to Russia to study! The white nights of St. Petersburg are beautiful, the traditions of Russian ballet at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow are magical, but ... you will not only go to theaters and walk at nights! First of all, you are going to study. Therefore, choose a university that has the program that best matches your academic plan.

It is plain and simple! There is no bitter cold in winter at the places where large cities are located! Do not be afraid of being constantly cold! Winter lasts only three months in Russia, and many Russians consider this time to be the most wonderful time of the year! Heating works great in homes and academic buildings, no one gets cold here!
If you have read "horror stories" on the Internet and are afraid of frosts, then go to study in the south of Russia – in cities that are located in the subtropical climate zone! The winters here are so mild and warm that by local standards, these are not winters at all!

green-tick-1SIZE MATTERS
There are 15 cities in the Russian Federation with a population of more than a million people! Such cities have the most developed cultural and social infrastructure. These multinational and multicultural cities tend to be more comfortable and safer. And they always have international airports, which makes them more accessible to foreigners. However, many smaller cities can boast of ultramodern infrastructure! In a word, you should not say "no" to the university if you have never heard the name of the city in which it is located. Just find out more about it! Many young people, on the contrary, prefer the stillness of provincial towns, where there is not as much entertainment as in metropolitan cities, but there are fewer factors distracting from studies in towns.

And now we would like to share with you some information about those Russian cities where the universities we offer you to get graduate and postgraduate education at are located:


Rostov-on-Don is the center of the Rostov region. Its population is more than 1 million people. The city is located on the banks of the wide and beautiful Don River, which flows into the Sea of Azov just 45 km from the city.
There is a mild warm climate and fertile land here. It is no coincidence that the ancient Greeks had their own colony towns here Before the Common Era.

Now Rostov-on-Don is a city with its own charm and unique image. The central historical part of the city is built up with buildings of the XIXth century, and the buildings in the avant-garde style erected in the first half of the XXth century brought worldwide fame to the city.

Rostov-on-Don is the largest cultural and educational center. There are several theaters, large museums and galleries here, here is a philharmonic hall and a conservatory, and the city ranks the third in Russia in terms of the number of universities (following Moscow and St. Petersburg).
Locals and visitors of the city especially like the local zoo, which is more than 80 years old. Located on 90 hectares of land it is considered the largest in Europe! Also one of the largest is the Botanical Garden of the local University spread over 161 hectares of land.
Locals are more open and emotional, more optimistic and smiling than residents of the rest of Russia! Maybe the reason for it is a warmer climate?


Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The population of the city is more than 1 million. The city is located east of Moscow about 2 hours by air.

Ufa is located on a hilly ground beyond which the Ural Mountains begin. The climate here is continental. The average temperature in winter is below 14 °C, the average temperature in July is above 19 °C.
Ufa International Airport accepts flights from Turkey, Germany, Spain and Central Asian countries.

Ufa is a large industrial center and a business cluster. It is also a major cultural center with dozens of museums and several famous theaters.
Half of Ufa's population are Russians, and the other half are Bashkirs and Tatars, so Islam is also widespread here, in addition to Orthodoxy. There is a mosque and a madrasah in the city.

Ufa is a large educational center, the total number of students in the city exceeds 100 thousand!
Ufa is among the top 20 cities in Russia in terms of standard of living of the population. For two years in a row Ufa has been ranked the second in the Forbes "Best Cities for Business in Russia" rating. Ufa is also recognized to be the most environmentally friendly metropolitan city among the major cities of the Russian Federation and the "greenest" city with a million-plus population.


Irkutsk is a unique city 5 thousand kilometers east of Moscow. Irkutsk is the cultural and educational capital of Siberia.
The proximity to the world-famous Lake Baikal also makes this place unique. The lake is only 60 kilometers from the city. There are 17 institutes and universities in the city, there are theaters and galleries here. Numerous music and theater festivals are held in the city.
Irkutsk was founded in the XVIIth century, but its rapid growth took place in the middle of the XIXth century when the "gold rush" raged here.
The wide and beautiful Angara River flowing from Lake Baikal divides Irkutsk into two parts. The city itself and the river banks are surrounded by the legendary taiga.
The weather is sometimes harsh here. Cold weather (below zero) can last 4-5 months a year. But thanks to dry weather winter frosts are very easy to handle.
It is true that winter can be cold here, but it is very hot in summer! In July, the hottest month, the air warms up to +30 ° C and above.
Irkutsk International Airport connects the city with China, South Korea and the cities of Central Asia.

The population of Irkutsk is a little more than 600 thousand people now.
Irkutsk is a city for those who love the pristine nature and magical Baikal!

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